Welcome to the Infant Orphan Asylum, Royal Infant Orphanage and Royal Wanstead School website.

The history and heritage of a school is the foundation on which futures were built. As such, we felt it was important that the whole of the IOA/RIO/RWS community should be able to celebrate the wealth of rich information that we have going back over 175 years from the Infant Orphan Asylum (1843 – 1917), the Royal Infant Orphanage (1917 – 1938) and the Royal Wanstead School (1938 – 1971).

This online archive is a resource that will grow and develop over time, but we hope you enjoy exploring the site by either generally browsing or using the search facility to seek out specific information.

Over the next few phases of this project we will add more material; diaries, correspondence, photographs, articles and other papers to develop the richness of the collection.

If you wish to add an item or contribute a piece of research to our heritage site, please contact heritage@forws.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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