About Us

The Friends of Royal Wanstead School is a non-profit group that was setup in 1994 in conjunction with the Royal Wanstead Foundation (later to become the Royal National Children’s Foundation – RNCF)  after a reunion was held in 1993 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Infant Orphan Asylum on the site in Snaresbrook.

RNCF (which is known today as The Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation) was the successor charity to the Royal Wanstead Foundation, an organisation founded as an orphanage by Dr Andrew Reed in 1827.

After the Royal Wanstead Foundation arranged the alumni reunion in 1993, the Foundation was aware that there was a need for alumni contact to be maintained and regular reunions to be held but the resources needed to undertake this were not something they could continue to provide and so, at the suggestion of Rosemary Brotherwood (then Clerk to the Foundation),  The Friends of Royal Wanstead School was born.

Since it’s inception in 1994, there have been a number of long term committee members all of whom have strong links to Royal Wanstead School and are passionate about keeping the memory and spirit of Royal Wanstead alive.

The current members of committee are detailed here.