2021 Commemorative Reunion FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions we have received in relation to this years
Commemorative Reunion planned for July 3rd 2021


If the Government guidelines change with regard to events such as this, will our tickets be refunded?


If my area goes into a local lockdown and travel restrictions are applied again, will my ticket be refunded?


Currently, I am able to travel over from France for the reunion and I have my ticket booked, however if the travel restrictions change / are not lifted, will I get my money back?


I have a very specific diet and will be bringing my own food, is there a reduced ticket price if not requiring lunch?

No.  Teas, coffees and soft drinks are included as well

Is there a reduced ticket price for children?

No.   Children from 5 to 50 take up as much space and require as much servicing (and feeding) as Friends

What plans are there in place to help protect attendees with regard to Covid?

Depends on Government guidelines at the time.  If strictures apply we will follow them which might mean last minute cancelation.

Will we all be able to meet Princess Anne?

Probably not.  The  visit is for one hour only and while she will meet and talk to a few that few will be very limited

Is there a dress code?

Yes, smart casual, as in 2018

Will there be enhanced security?


Can we park in the car park still? 


Is there available disabled parking

Yes, however it is at a premium as the disabled parking at the front of the court will not be in use


Questions answered by John Newton-Davies (FoRWS Chair)


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